The New York Stock Exchange traded kiiiiiiiinda ok this morning but there just wasn’t much I could do. I was actually trading size for the first few minutes but then volatility dried up really quick and it made me paranoid as hell so in the end I lowered my contract exposure and traded less than half maximum for the rest of the morning leading to a sort of productive PnL.

Wheat was a halfway decent bag. I thought I was going to shit the bed but after hitting a series of good solid move trades, I was able to climb out of an earlier hole which wasn’t all that much to begin with but staring at the PnL in red is never a good look to start your day.

I had kind of a bad experience yesterday stemming from towing and hauling some cargo. My friend wanted to record some of the things we were putting up on his GoPro in order to get a visual record and reference. It was no big deal – just something he would have liked to have on his computer. So after putting all the footage on his computer, he started to work on editing it in his timeline. Something happened to his computer and basically, he ended up accidentally deleting his data. Now, as you know when that happens, there is still a chance you can get it back even if you emptied your Recycle Bin. The trick is just to not do anything that may overwrite the “free space” where that data used to be – I know this now but I did not know it before. So, we searched online and found this program that claims to recover your data. It was $70. After recovering said movie files, we opened them only to find that they had been corrupted. Upon talking with tech support they basically said we fucked ourselves over by saving them onto the same drive they were deleted from thereby corrupting the space they were still nested in. When I asked for a refund they basically said that I shit the bed by saving in the same drive as the recovery procedure therefore the fault was mine and my friend’s – not theirs: no refund. I was a little upset but decided not to pursue it: after all, I do have this new software that may prove useful in the future.

The thing that was funny about this though and how it relates to trading was that I immediately compared this setback to a losing trade. Losing $70 to me on something like this is nothing compared to a “small loss” on Feeder Cattle which is anywhere from -$450 to -$575. I mean, it’s something yes but it’s relatively nothing. This is why I was willing to put up with the no refund bullshit.

If I could lose only $70 on my bad days, and make the kind of money I do on my base productive ones, I’d be a rich man 10 times over.

Of course, this job blows gigantic soggy hippopotamus diarrhea so that’ll never happen.

I hate this job.


3 thoughts on “Theory Of Relativity

    • yup. i have found that a risk reward based on strictly tick measurements has never helped me in any way. in many respects, it kind of is up to the trading deities on mount take-my-money-and-shit-on-my-face-for-trading.


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