The New York Stock Exchange was a little slow this Monday. I don’t know what I can say except “whatever”. That’s how life is and that’s what it’s going to be whether I like it or not. I wasn’t sized up and that’s great but it also means that winning trades don’t make as much money. Hence, when you look at it, a fistful of dollars isn’t a whole lot. It’s not losing money but I probably would have done better just sitting out the cash open.

The British Pound was a little more cooperative. Even though I wasn’t sized up in this contract as well, I got 3 trades that essentially made the bulk of today’s so-so PnL performance.

It’s finally starting to get warm here up in the northern US. I like this weather and I wish it could stay like this instead of the nasty summer heat and mugginess. The wife is making dinner tonight so I can just relax and finish up on our tax stuff. We are thinking of doing a summer project together – maybe remodeling the bathroom from the floor up or doing something for the outside deck. She should have a nice little tax refund coming in so that would go a long way in keeping her shopping quietly if she chose that route instead of a home renovation (don’t tell her I said that, LMAOOO!).


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