The New York Stock Exchange traded quietly out of the gates. I am on a mental holding pattern after having such a crap day yesterday. It didn’t help that today’s trading called for me to have maximum size but I have to follow my rules wherever they lead me.

My first trades were British Pound and it was a mixed bag at first before I caught 3 trades that sent the PnL firmly into the green. I needed that. But I was a little nervous beforehand trading the Dow open. I thought because of the huge round trips I was taking, I would end up taking a bath but instead I found a handful of trades that, even though most were barely above breakeven, some performed well considering how large my ticket was.

So, that’s how the day went. It was productive and I can only say that because I was really fortunate. Again, in this game it is a little better to be lucky than it is to be smart. All the smart traders I knew ran out of money before their trading ideas/concepts eventually materialized.


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