Severe Weather

The New York Stock Exchange traded quickly but I just couldn’t find any good opportunities to get in. And the ones that I did find forced me to liquidate right away as I felt like the market was a little sketchy.

I traded Feeder Cattle this morning and that’s where the bulk of my profits lie. I wish that I could have traded more but the fact of the matter is that my risk management wouldn’t allow me to size up more than I did – which was a pretty small amount just given the overall climate of the market. But I was productive on a little bit more round turns than I would have liked. But I can’t complain, as Feeder was there to save me when I couldn’t get anything done trading the New York open.

As you can see by the title, we’ve got some severe weather in my area. I drove the wife to work this morning because I didn’t want to chance her driving in what could be torrential downpouring. Also, she is scared of driving in really bad weather and since I have the truck, I don’t blame her.

Forgot To Post

The New York Stock Exchange traded well this morning.

I made back almost all of what I lost yesterday trading both the cash open and the British Pound. Hopefully, the next two days will be fruitful for me and I’ll get the bad taste from Tuesday out of my mouth.

Sniping Profits

The New York Stock Exchange traded hard this morning on tariff news. Not sure how long this is going to go on but if it does, days like this will be great for me – provided I’m sized right.

The problem with today was that I am not sure if these moves are really due to the news or if they are magnified by the lack of market participants. All it really takes is for a whole bunch of whales to log out of the day and then the market doesn’t really move as much. This brings me to my sizing. I was lucky enough where I was only a little less than half my max size. I felt like this would be a comfortable compromise given the news and the probability for such a big move. If I had gone with max size, I don’t know if I could have exited as quickly. Thus, I prize – above all – being nimble during days like this.

Asset trading was a no-go. I took a couple of round turns on Feeder Cattle and after I was barely breaking even on those trades, I felt like luck was not on my side today. Also, the cash open helped me out tremendously so I wasn’t in a position where I felt like I needed to keep going.

I think I will take the day off tomorrow. I have a feeling it’ll be really quiet and even if there were more tariff news, I don’t feel comfortable enough to participate in the market simply because the media noise can make the market a little too volatile in the micro moves and that never bodes well for the way I like to position my trades.

Nothing To Write Home About

The New York Stock Exchange traded slowly this morning. Normally, I would lose money or break even on a day like this but luck was on my side as I was able to secure a decent gain but on half my maximum size allowed.

I didn’t see any assets outside of trading the cash open to get into so I just left my trading at that.

It’s a really nice day today in the northeast region of the US. However, it is starting to get a little too hot for my taste. I can’t believe Memorial Day is coming up. I’m already thinking of what kind of party we’ll be throwing and where we’ll be doing it. Normally, our friends and us would go to some state park and have a huge bbq but it’s just too much of a hassle getting the coolers sorted out and who brings what. So now, we just draw straws as to whose house we all just show up in. This year, it’s going to be our house and I just told everyone to bring their dishes. I’ll go out and get the steaks and burgers.

Thinking about this now, I can’t wait for the long weekend. If anything, I’m sure that traders in NYC and Chicago have already left for the Hamptons or Wisconsin, respectively so I don’t know if Thursday is even good to trade. I guess I’ll play it by ear.

Just Hanging Out

The New York Stock Exchange traded pretty slow today. I couldn’t really get any traction on my trades and decided that it would be best to stop trading after 5 or so round trips gone astray.

It would have been good if the damage was limited to the cash open but I suffered an overall loss trading Cocoa again. While I wasn’t sized up I was by no means small so today hurt.

It’s just one of those days where I just couldn’t do anything right. Here’s hoping that tomorrow will turn out for the better.

I hate this job.

A Solid Steady Start

The New York Stock Exchange had a span of time this morning where I was able to make some pretty decent money for the amount of trades I made. Then, either I just couldn’t read the market anymore or the action just dried up, the gates of continuous pnl green just closed. I took that as a sign to stop trading because there weren’t all that many opportunities anyway and the reason why I did ok was because I maximized whatever opportunities I got.

Trading assets was a little different though. Where I felt like it was going to be a good day trading Cocoa, I ended up stumbling to the point where I lost a little bit of money by the time I signed off. Luckily, the cash open trading helped to mitigate that but it was still frustrating to me taking home a PnL that would have been better had it not been for that asset.

Whatever. It is what it is and I’ve done what I needed to do.

The wife had the day off today and the in-laws came over. Her mother is making us dinner as we speak so me and her dad are going over to my truck dealership to look at the new Jeep Gladiators. These things are so cool and I’ve been kind of nudging my father in law to get one of these as I know the mods needed to make it an all-terrain/all-weather king. I was originally pushing him towards getting a truck like mine but he said it was too big for him and the mother in law, even bone stock with the factory rake. So I figured a mid-size truck was what he needed and he was enthusiastic when I told him about the new Jeep trucks. I’ll end with an informational video here now that it seems we are ready to leave the house. Can’t wait to test drive this thing.

F K!

The New York Stock Exchange traded so so today. I was sized up half of full capacity today hoping that I could go into the weekend with a green PnL. That was not going to be the case today.

I got wrecked on Feeder Cattle. Basically, when I went long, it sold. When I sold, buyers came in. It was horrible. But most importantly, it was a huge deficit that I could not recover from. But that still didn’t stop me from hoping I could do so. I went in to the cash open hoping that I could do some damage control but as I traded more and more round trips, I realized that I was getting to a point where my luck would run out and before I could make a series of losing trades, I just signed off knowing that I did what I could to make the PnL look a little more respectable.

So here I am, sitting in the study desk typing this out. I’m pretty pissed about today. Maybe a little gaming and spending time with the wife will help.

God, I hate this job.

Couldn’t Concentrate Today

The New York Stock Exchange traded pretty well today. But the thing was, I performed in a not so good way. I don’t know what it was, I just had a crappy performance. I think I just need to reset for the weekend and clear my mind. This week, I’ve gone from enjoying a really good market to getting kicked around like a dirty rag in a mechanic shop.

I wasn’t sized up but I was trading with relatively decent size so any losing trade was really gonna hurt. And it did when I lost. All in all, I came out green on the PnL, but I barely broke even. It was the same with Orange Juice as I would trade well then trade shitty. Both times, commissions were going to play into my final PnL so I just let everything be and signed off.

It wasn’t the kind of day that I wanted but if I’m going to lose then it’s better to lose small and be thankful for it.

Turn Out The Lights, The Party’s Overrrrrr

The New York Stock Exchange traded slowly. This is what I pretty much I expected after the markets being so quick and liquid. I was just hoping I could get in one more day of good trading so that I wouldn’t feel bad about possibly taking the Friday off. I may still do it but only if I have a decent day tomorrow .

I was sized up on my asset trades and in the cash open. Wheat was going great until I hit my last two trades and it all but erased the PnL I built up. Then, with the cash open, I realized too late that things were going to be too slow for my size and I ended up having to dig myself out of a hole that was too big to realistically expect profiting out from.

I don’t know what it was but man, I was just tired around this afternoon. I meant to go out and get some groceries but I figure I’ll just wait for the wife to get done with her working from home day and we’ll just head out together. Least I got to take a nap. It’s yet another blessing I’m afforded besides not shitting my pants in today’s market. Thank God for that.

Still, it would have been nice to have another wild day sized up.