The New York Stock Exchange traded a little too slow for my tastes despite the addition of Uber, the ride-hailing app that is great for people like me that can use the service all the time, but on the flipside, they buttfuck their drivers to the point where it’s almost stupid to even work for them. I feel sorry for all these saps in big cities like San Francisco and New York that essentially have to pull volume in order to break even. That is where the economy is headed now – volume is what makes or breaks your business. Speaking of which…

Because I was trading close to minimum size today, I had to make it up by taking as many trades as I possibly could. In an environment where the market isn’t moving all that much, that is not a good thing. With that being said, I definitely was not as productive as I wanted to be, failing to make even half of what I generally want to make to close my budget gaps, but at least I didn’t lose money. I can say that I broke even.

But it wasn’t the cash open trades that helped me break even as it was Cocoa. I thought that my day would end at the cash open but then I saw that Cocoa had some good opportunities, so I went ahead and made a couple of trades there which proved to be chocolatey (sorry, I had to).

So now it’s Friday and I just want to chill. The week has been quite busy I’ll say that. I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend with nothing on my mind except eating good food, the NBA playoffs and making constant lewd advances to the wife. It’s all a numbers game!

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