The New York Stock Exchange was delicioso today, magnifico, like *muah!*, sexy-o…yeah, anyway.

Of course, this is great if you were short but if you based your positions today on being long – may Jesus Christ and his brother, Jimmy-boy Christ, be with you.

I love it when the cash markets open fast and hard. I was sized up to the maximum allowance that I could go and it really really paid off. It took some of the sting off of breaking even in British Pound earlier in the morning.

I don’t really care anymore for the market after I wrap up this post. I made my money and now it’s time to chill and watch some TV. Oh, btw – I love how China is going to flood the market with bonds. You know what? If you wanna do bro. That’s why the Fed spent the last 8 years becoming the biggest holder of treasuries to date. Man, Bernanke really foresaw this situation happening and it’s amazing how the administration at the time was so willing to spread America’s ass cheeks on everything from foreign policy to trade just so they could say they chalked up a win for foreign affairs and their own retarded progressive agenda. All the while, they would be sacrificing domestic employment and GDP here. It’s time for the reckoning everyone, and if it keeps moving the markets the way it did today, I may have the type of summer where a movie about it deserves an epic ending song soundtrack – a japanese pop one baybeeeeee

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