The New York Stock Exchange traded slowly. This is what I pretty much I expected after the markets being so quick and liquid. I was just hoping I could get in one more day of good trading so that I wouldn’t feel bad about possibly taking the Friday off. I may still do it but only if I have a decent day tomorrow .

I was sized up on my asset trades and in the cash open. Wheat was going great until I hit my last two trades and it all but erased the PnL I built up. Then, with the cash open, I realized too late that things were going to be too slow for my size and I ended up having to dig myself out of a hole that was too big to realistically expect profiting out from.

I don’t know what it was but man, I was just tired around this afternoon. I meant to go out and get some groceries but I figure I’ll just wait for the wife to get done with her working from home day and we’ll just head out together. Least I got to take a nap. It’s yet another blessing I’m afforded besides not shitting my pants in today’s market. Thank God for that.

Still, it would have been nice to have another wild day sized up.

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