The New York Stock Exchange traded pretty well today. But the thing was, I performed in a not so good way. I don’t know what it was, I just had a crappy performance. I think I just need to reset for the weekend and clear my mind. This week, I’ve gone from enjoying a really good market to getting kicked around like a dirty rag in a mechanic shop.

I wasn’t sized up but I was trading with relatively decent size so any losing trade was really gonna hurt. And it did when I lost. All in all, I came out green on the PnL, but I barely broke even. It was the same with Orange Juice as I would trade well then trade shitty. Both times, commissions were going to play into my final PnL so I just let everything be and signed off.

It wasn’t the kind of day that I wanted but if I’m going to lose then it’s better to lose small and be thankful for it.

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