The New York Stock Exchange traded so so today. I was sized up half of full capacity today hoping that I could go into the weekend with a green PnL. That was not going to be the case today.

I got wrecked on Feeder Cattle. Basically, when I went long, it sold. When I sold, buyers came in. It was horrible. But most importantly, it was a huge deficit that I could not recover from. But that still didn’t stop me from hoping I could do so. I went in to the cash open hoping that I could do some damage control but as I traded more and more round trips, I realized that I was getting to a point where my luck would run out and before I could make a series of losing trades, I just signed off knowing that I did what I could to make the PnL look a little more respectable.

So here I am, sitting in the study desk typing this out. I’m pretty pissed about today. Maybe a little gaming and spending time with the wife will help.

God, I hate this job.

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