Bernanke, You Fox You

The New York Stock Exchange was delicioso today, magnifico, like *muah!*, sexy-o…yeah, anyway.

Of course, this is great if you were short but if you based your positions today on being long – may Jesus Christ and his brother, Jimmy-boy Christ, be with you.

I love it when the cash markets open fast and hard. I was sized up to the maximum allowance that I could go and it really really paid off. It took some of the sting off of breaking even in British Pound earlier in the morning.

I don’t really care anymore for the market after I wrap up this post. I made my money and now it’s time to chill and watch some TV. Oh, btw – I love how China is going to flood the market with bonds. You know what? If you wanna do bro. That’s why the Fed spent the last 8 years becoming the biggest holder of treasuries to date. Man, Bernanke really foresaw this situation happening and it’s amazing how the administration at the time was so willing to spread America’s ass cheeks on everything from foreign policy to trade just so they could say they chalked up a win for foreign affairs and their own retarded progressive agenda. All the while, they would be sacrificing domestic employment and GDP here. It’s time for the reckoning everyone, and if it keeps moving the markets the way it did today, I may have the type of summer where a movie about it deserves an epic ending song soundtrack – a japanese pop one baybeeeeee


The New York Stock Exchange traded a little too slow for my tastes despite the addition of Uber, the ride-hailing app that is great for people like me that can use the service all the time, but on the flipside, they buttfuck their drivers to the point where it’s almost stupid to even work for them. I feel sorry for all these saps in big cities like San Francisco and New York that essentially have to pull volume in order to break even. That is where the economy is headed now – volume is what makes or breaks your business. Speaking of which…

Because I was trading close to minimum size today, I had to make it up by taking as many trades as I possibly could. In an environment where the market isn’t moving all that much, that is not a good thing. With that being said, I definitely was not as productive as I wanted to be, failing to make even half of what I generally want to make to close my budget gaps, but at least I didn’t lose money. I can say that I broke even.

But it wasn’t the cash open trades that helped me break even as it was Cocoa. I thought that my day would end at the cash open but then I saw that Cocoa had some good opportunities, so I went ahead and made a couple of trades there which proved to be chocolatey (sorry, I had to).

So now it’s Friday and I just want to chill. The week has been quite busy I’ll say that. I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend with nothing on my mind except eating good food, the NBA playoffs and making constant lewd advances to the wife. It’s all a numbers game!

Movement Is Life

The New York Stock Exchange traded with a lot of velocity today. That’s exactly what I need if I’m going to keep financing my penchant for buying unnecessary things from

Cash open was everything that I hoped for. Feeder Cattle was kind of so-so. I only got out with one decent trade and the only reason the PnL was so good here was because I was sized up. Same for the cash open.

Tired. I wanna sleep.

Class Warfare

The New York Stock Exchange traded exactly the way I thought it was going to trade. With the exception of the big move at the end of the day, things ended in stasis where both sides were busy transacting cars to their delight (they do, after all go on commission). Fuck cars, they were more like large SUV’s, shit was getting moved all day and I’m sure the bond people were having a hell of a time, especially the 30YR guys and gals.

Anyway, cash open trading was ok for me. I didn’t get to size up because i wasn’t all that comfortable doing so but it was still productive. Wheat ended up being productive for me as well. All in all, I traded cautiously and didn’t do a whole lot of round trips. I felt like I needed to conserve capital today and I was rewarded with something. Not a lot mind you – but just enough.

Ok : storytime!

So the wife and I were headed to Home Depot last night because she wanted some plants and I needed a socket wrench adapter (long story). Anyway, the Home Depot is adjacent to Cheesecake Factory which is like…the place to be seen if you’re a young professional for happy hour. There’s also an Apple store and some clothing places, a Starbucks, etc. So because of these high class establishments, you have people coming in with their european import cars and SUVs. You know the crowd; soccer moms/suit&tie dads. Because the place was filled, some of these people had to park on the Home Depot side of the lot where we “peasants” park. One group, two or three couples were arguing with some poor guy in a beater truck, one row over from where me and the wife were driving up slowly. You could see it was over parking because one of them had their cheap stanced out Audi A4 jacknifed near the small truck’s bumper – probably trying to cut him off from leaving the lot. I observed these pretend rich people and saw their rides: a BMW 5 Series, the old 2010 ones with the gay curves and shit but all decked out and polished. Finally, there was the king of all bullshit pretender vehicles: a standard trim Porsche Cayenne aka I couldn’t afford a 911 Carrerra so I drive aggressively in this piece of shit pretending its a real racecar.

So the 3 guys are giving this one dude hell and I’m getting offended at what I see as class chauvinism. Like, this young guy is in a beater work truck (old Ford Ranger with the flareside) just trying to get the hell out of the lot with shit in the bed and they’re acting like they own his life or something.

So I run the truck up over where they are and find out what the problem is cause as far as I can see, the guy in the A4 is pissed because he tried to pull into the parking spot while the truck had the right of way and they almost collided. The wife, to her credit, was staring down the skanky hoes that were with the euro import guys while I was handling the aforementioned situation. As these guys were trying to play the tough guy role with me, not one…but two other dudes, in lifted trucks…with bald eagles perched on their hoods and American flags waving from the truck bed (ok, that’s exaggerating)… came up near me and we all used our combined testosterone/pickup truck power to emasculate the little bitch bois and their pathetic rich-man socialist mobiles. LMAO! In the end, after we each got two sentences out with our ultra big truck deep voices and with our wrap around sunglasses with trucker hats, the guy in the A4 and cuffed khaki pants relented and allowed the young contractor in the work truck to go through.

I know the euro car guys were mad but not as mad as they were when the two other truck guys started catcalling their girls hahaha. I, of course, had to be a gentleman because the wife was with me but she wouldn’t have had to worry because she is the one that i love (she is watching me type this lololol).

Anyway, that was fucking dope. I forgot about getting the socket wrench adapter because of all the adrenaline flowing through me and instead, bought a new impact drill because I needed something powerful, something mean! Then, later on the wife and I went to iHOP for some blueberry pancakes. We don’t need to eat at some expensive restaurant dressed in clothes from France wearing smartwatches. We eat with like minded blue collar folks, shop at Louis Vuitton and Hermes, cook with stainless steel pans and cast iron dutch ovens from Crate and Barrel. And buy the newest iPhones from the Apple Store via appointment. You know!…blue collar country livin’ hahahahaha

Bleeding Down

The New York Stock Exchange traded slowly out of the gates but most of the action was decidedly in the later hours – something I regret not taking part in especially with this China news. Wouldn’t it be funny if this whole thing ended up being the catalyst for a gigantic sell signal? I guess we will see how things will develop for the week. Personally, I am ready to be sized up tomorrow morning if I sense that I should be because I have a feeling that buyers will come in droves, prop prices up enough for people to tag back and forth on SP00s before piecing out themselves and taking back their bids for another 20 handles the rest of the week. This is the kind of market that gets weird because as much as global issues impact the mood, big orders coming in will cause a saturation of traders to squeeze out spreads wherever they find them and this makes things a little too slow for people like me.

I traded British Pound today and where I wasn’t sized up in the cash markets, I put on a little size for the asset. I was rewarded but not as much as I would have liked to have been. Then again, holding would have probably been counterproductive as I would have gotten no better gains than if I would have stopped earlier. I’m just glad that overall, the PnL was productive.

A Bit Of A Doozy

The New York Stock Exchange traded a little erratically today and I realized it may have been because of the whole sending warships to the Persian Gulf thing. Nevertheless, I wasn’t having all that luck in the cash open as I was taking 1 step forward for every 1.5 steps I was getting pushed back. After a while, you don’t want to deal with it anymore and the temptation is there to suddenly go up in size – which is kiiiiinda ok if the trade goes your way but really shitty if it inexplicably doesn’t. I don’t know what kind of trader you are but I am the type of trader where everything goes to shit the minute I deviate heavily from my plan of attack.

I did not trade any other assets today so all in all, with the day being light, I didn’t make any money at all but most importantly, I didn’t lose money. I don’t like these types of days so I hope that it doesn’t set the tone for this week.

I finally got my landscaping done and the backyard looks clean and proper. I can’t tell you how much it matters to have a clean backyard. It’s just one less thing to think about now that the summer is almost here.

Let’s Wrap It Up

The New York Stock Exchange traded briskly at times this morning but overall, there was just a slow quality to it that made me very uncomfortable to take additional trades. Generally, I pay attention to my holding time. If I sense that I can’t hold a series of trades for a set number of time units in my head, I know that this is a market that I don’t want to be trading. And with good reason: a market that is too much in flux or too little in flux is a market where liquidity is dependent on your DOM/internet signal. Where you are looking to get out of a losing trade – especially on certain assets like Feeder Cattle – can be fractionally gone by the time your impulses click on it. I say Feeder Cattle because the cash open – unless you’re trading SP00s – move too quickly for your point and click movements. When the market is going against you, this will turn the jeans you’re wearing from blue to brown instantaneously.

And so, I didn’t like where and how the market was reacting. Even though I escaped with some ticks on those trades, I refuse to push my luck any further as this is a clear warning to me that my luck is about to change.

I traded Wheat this morning and I got beaten up there. Small losses repeatedly made for a horrid outing.

It feels like a Friday for me even though it’s a Thursday. But because I have had a good go of things for the week, I will take Friday off and recalibrate my brain. I’m not particularly fond of how this day went but to escape it breaking even is fine by me. I would have felt differently if I eroded some of the past 3 days worth of money by overtrading this market session. I have no idea what I’m doing today as the wife will be out with her co-workers to lunch and none of my buddies are around. It’ll be one of those boring days but at least I’ll have a three day weekend.

Letting Of Some Steam

The New York Stock Exchange traded pretty well this morning – much to my happiness. This is the third straight day that the PnL has been productive. If I make money tomorrow, I may just take Friday off. This is enough to make me try and trade the best that I can trade given my risk parameters.

I was on halfway size exposure today because that’s what the market was telling me. This made trading quicker and easier for me especially in the cash open where I was able to pick out good trades in succession because everyone was really participating on both sides of the price. I know this will probably not continue tomorrow so I wanted to take as much risk as I could and I was promptly rewarded for it.

Same in British Pound trading. There were just a multitude of openings by which I could get long and short and there was no shortage of participation. It was a limit order trader’s paradise.

Totally off topic but I forgot that I had a Steam account. For you old school console gamer people, Steam is a PC based console were your computer is the gaming center and depending on your computer’s specs, you can have a more aesthetically pleasing experience playing a video game compared to the xboxes and playstations. I personally don’t give a rat’s ass about PC vs. console but sometimes, it’s nice to know that I can just fire up the laptop and there’s a game there that I can play. For now I just downloaded Civilization 5 and I’ll get to playing it in time.

But right now, I’m just tired. I want to sleep on the couch for the rest of the afternoon. My wife is home so she’ll be making dinner tonight.