Ahhhh…Nothing Again

The New York Stock Exchange did nothing this morning.

Most of my profits were from British Pound. I had about 3/4 of maximum size alloted for the day so I had a pretty favorable PnL despite dropping a couple of trades here and there to break evens and 2 flat out losses.

I was supposed to start filling up the pool today but as luck would have it, the epoxy cracked sometime during the night. So I had to go and get some more paint from the pool contractors to stitch it up myself. The only reason they allowed me to do this is because they know I have experience dealing with pools. It was either that or they would make me wait until this Saturday to sort things out and I’m not going to kill the timeline of the pool’s readiness especially at this juncture and with the July 4th holiday looming.

So now I’ve fixed up the crack in the pool (nothing big, it was like a 3 or 4 ft crack). In 48 hours, the pool should be ready to fill with water.

Should Have Traded Yesterday

The New York Stock Exchange did nothing – absolutely jackcrap.

I logged in for the cash open, saw how the market was moving and I was like, “nope”.

I didn’t trade any assets outside of the cash open either because there was nothing to trade. I wish I traded yesterday, then that would have at least had some action to give me some money.


The New York Stock Exchange was really slow this morning. I actually had planned to trade at the bare minimum size but after I saw how things kind of fizzed out, I decided to not trade the cash open at all.

Feeder Cattle treated me a little better though albeit not by much. I had one trade where I really miscalculated my footing and I ended up killing most of my built up PnL. Knowing that I would probably only have 2 or 3 more trades before things would dry up, I decided that it would be best to attempt them but keeping things to almost the bare minimum like the cash open.

Feeder Cattle was where most of my positive PnL came out of but it wasn’t by much since I was working with the minimum amount of contracts. What a dry start to the Monday. I’m wondering now if traders are going to take this week off before the July 4th holiday.


The New York Stock Exchange didn’t do anything this morning. I had a feeling things would be quiet. However, it doesn’t mean that there is no activity brewing in the horizon. I have come to think that this market is gonna move again this summer and my trading buds here feel it to.

There’s just this unmistakable vibe…like, when you’re approaching a girl at the club.

LMAO! Ok, I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about. Besides, I don’t approach them…they approach me. LOL!


I’m just sayin that for every sprinkle of selling that we have, the way the markets move back up suggest to me that institutions are leaning towards buying. But they don’t want to do too much buying. Like I said…an unmistakable vibe, lol.

I was not sized up again today because I just felt like things were gonna be really slow. Thank God for that because I could have walked to the nearest McDonalds, played in their jungle gym for kids, got arrested by the police, got bailed out by the wife and I would have gotten home just to see that the market only moved by 2 handles in sum. Today was just not the day to wild out on positions. I traded like 5 round turns on the cash open and 3 round turns on British Pound before I shut my computer off and turned my XBox One on.

I want out of this week. I am thankful to God for not losing money, but I want out. Do you hear me Mr. Trading-For-A-Career? Get me out of here so I can enjoy peace!

Just for the record though, for when my wife sees this – I humbly approached her. She didn’t need to approach me hahahahaha

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

The New York Stock Exchange traded well today and I’m glad it did because this week was a moribund one. I always got the feeling that volatility would slow down at every corner and when you make your living off of volatility, it’s hard when the markets just don’t move.

Today, my cash open profits were small because I made the decision not to load up on contracts. Do I regret it? Fuck yeah. I hate it when I miss good days like this but more often than not, my risk management has helped me keep my monthly earnings afloat so I won’t complain about that. The only thing today that bugged me and took away from the PnL was my trading Wheat. I felt like I had a really good handle on how the market was trending and I just got in at the wrong times. It was the lone blemish or blemishes to what was a regular ho-hum day.

Lots of news but seeing two major headlines:

NYPD won’t arrest students in schools for low level crimes

Congressional hearings on slavery reparations

I don’t know about you but as much as I don’t like hearing tinfoil hat conspiracy people talk, I really wonder if this country has gone insane. Being a resident of Manhattan for several years, I always knew that at some point, the liberals would come and take over but what’s happening in NYC is not just liberal, it’s absolutely criminal. The city is starting seem like a third world country with new buildings and parks hiding the obvious social strains. I can’t help but notice the stark difference between what i see now when I go with my wife versus what it was even less than a decade ago. And the thing is, their mayor – Bill DeBlasio – wants to run for president. Wow. I’m telling you, if you want rampant crime and lawlessness then vote for him.

Additionally, I can’t believe what I’m hearing about reparations being discussed in Congress. Contrary to what many people think, I may be all country and all but I do believe affirmative action has its place in our society. And while I am more prone to lean left than right for helping the economically disenfranchised African-American community, I just think the whole concept of reparations is simply a vote and money grab. I can’t believe that people are actually supporting this. The idiocy is real.

I want to finish up all my work tonight because I’m watching the NBA Draft. We have a nice incoming class of rookies and I’m really interested in seeing who my Chicago Bulls take. At this point, I’ll be fine with them taking Cam Reddish but if they decide to trade down for more picks, I’d be ok with that too. I’d be hard pressed to see a scenario where a trade would go down that includes Zach Lavine. I hope they don’t because I like Zach and think he provides the needed alpha dog dynamic for offense that the Bulls desperately need.

Pool is coming along well. Can’t wait to start filling it up with water next week.

Some Fishes Get Away

The New York Stock Exchange was slow today. It’s a given being that we had the FOMC business today. I wasn’t expecting much so I didn’t size up.

No assets were traded today. It was just cash open business and that was that. Although, I will say that I was tempted to trade the Dow futures at 2pm.

Nothing much to write about today. It’s just another day from being done in the market. But the feeling is obviously heightened by the fact that this will be one of the last times I post here. I always say this and I will never not say it – trading is one of the worst careers a person can ever pursue. The failure rate here is so high and without any type of safety net, your life could be permanently altered right before your eyes. Heck, even if you have a safety net your life will probably take a low path that you would have never expected.

I’m not discouraging people from trading by any means, I’m just saying that it should be recognized for what it is: a false roadmap to financial success. Money is a byproduct of doing important things well. I’m too tired to expound on this lol. You’ll just have to trust me.

When It Rains, It Rains

The New York Stock Exchange traded pretty well this morning. I can’t complain. It was a stark difference to yesterday’s market open. Today, I was not sized up but I had a good amount of size to make money. Yesterday, I was sized up and after a couple of round trips where I broke even, I was like “fuck this, I don’t want to lose money”. Even though today I was small, I was nimble enough to make something.

I didn’t trade any assets yesterday so that’s that. Today, I traded British Pound and while I did make something from there I wish I had as strong of a trading performance as the cash open from this morning.

Overall, the day was productive so I can’t really get angry. I just always wish that I made more money but I know that pushing trades just isn’t worth it if the trades aren’t there to begin with.

The swimming pool has entered into its final stages of construction. I will be letting the wife make the choice between what kind of color she wants. I want any shade of blue but I’m worried that she might want a tropical green and if you’ve ever seen a tropical green colored pool you will know that it looks like utter shit. If she picks a light blue, I’ll be fine with that but it’d be nice if she went with the dark blue as there is just something a little more professional about that. Right now, the concrete is being laid out for the basin and the tiles have come in for the side. I elected to have the hardscaping done for the pool area first before filling the water so I’ve been going back and forth to Home Depot getting mulch and concrete. This may also be a good time for me to get a new grill as my old one just doesn’t seem to fit in the way that the pool area will be designed.

It’s crazy how new purchases warrant new expenses. When I bought my wife her SUV, the only things we did with it were some minor cosmetic and mechanical modifications. But with the pool it’s going to be a completely new living area so I know that we’ll be picking up a whole bunch of stuff once it opens.

Happy Ending

So I went to a massage parlor yesterday


The New York Stock Exchange traded sort of ok out of the gates. I wish I could have made more money than I did but I just didn’t get the right looks and I just didn’t feel comfortable putting on more size on the fly.

I just didn’t really take advantage of whatever was out there.

This would have been bad had it not been for Feeder Cattle. At the end of the day, the only reason I am kind of productive on the PnL was because I caught two particularly sweet moves on the contract which all but erased my stumbling out of the gates.

I made porridge this afternoon. I just put some ginger, garlic, sliced chicken breast and rice together in a pot and now I resemble one of those poor medieval Europeans that are dependent on stew for their sustenance. It’s aight though, I got a beer and now that I don’t have to trade the market for the rest of the day, I’m pretty much free to chill.