The New York Stock Exchange traded pretty well this morning. I can’t complain. It was a stark difference to yesterday’s market open. Today, I was not sized up but I had a good amount of size to make money. Yesterday, I was sized up and after a couple of round trips where I broke even, I was like “fuck this, I don’t want to lose money”. Even though today I was small, I was nimble enough to make something.

I didn’t trade any assets yesterday so that’s that. Today, I traded British Pound and while I did make something from there I wish I had as strong of a trading performance as the cash open from this morning.

Overall, the day was productive so I can’t really get angry. I just always wish that I made more money but I know that pushing trades just isn’t worth it if the trades aren’t there to begin with.

The swimming pool has entered into its final stages of construction. I will be letting the wife make the choice between what kind of color she wants. I want any shade of blue but I’m worried that she might want a tropical green and if you’ve ever seen a tropical green colored pool you will know that it looks like utter shit. If she picks a light blue, I’ll be fine with that but it’d be nice if she went with the dark blue as there is just something a little more professional about that. Right now, the concrete is being laid out for the basin and the tiles have come in for the side. I elected to have the hardscaping done for the pool area first before filling the water so I’ve been going back and forth to Home Depot getting mulch and concrete. This may also be a good time for me to get a new grill as my old one just doesn’t seem to fit in the way that the pool area will be designed.

It’s crazy how new purchases warrant new expenses. When I bought my wife her SUV, the only things we did with it were some minor cosmetic and mechanical modifications. But with the pool it’s going to be a completely new living area so I know that we’ll be picking up a whole bunch of stuff once it opens.

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