The New York Stock Exchange didn’t do anything this morning. I had a feeling things would be quiet. However, it doesn’t mean that there is no activity brewing in the horizon. I have come to think that this market is gonna move again this summer and my trading buds here feel it to.

There’s just this unmistakable vibe…like, when you’re approaching a girl at the club.

LMAO! Ok, I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about. Besides, I don’t approach them…they approach me. LOL!


I’m just sayin that for every sprinkle of selling that we have, the way the markets move back up suggest to me that institutions are leaning towards buying. But they don’t want to do too much buying. Like I said…an unmistakable vibe, lol.

I was not sized up again today because I just felt like things were gonna be really slow. Thank God for that because I could have walked to the nearest McDonalds, played in their jungle gym for kids, got arrested by the police, got bailed out by the wife and I would have gotten home just to see that the market only moved by 2 handles in sum. Today was just not the day to wild out on positions. I traded like 5 round turns on the cash open and 3 round turns on British Pound before I shut my computer off and turned my XBox One on.

I want out of this week. I am thankful to God for not losing money, but I want out. Do you hear me Mr. Trading-For-A-Career? Get me out of here so I can enjoy peace!

Just for the record though, for when my wife sees this – I humbly approached her. She didn’t need to approach me hahahahaha

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