The New York Stock Exchange was really slow this morning. I actually had planned to trade at the bare minimum size but after I saw how things kind of fizzed out, I decided to not trade the cash open at all.

Feeder Cattle treated me a little better though albeit not by much. I had one trade where I really miscalculated my footing and I ended up killing most of my built up PnL. Knowing that I would probably only have 2 or 3 more trades before things would dry up, I decided that it would be best to attempt them but keeping things to almost the bare minimum like the cash open.

Feeder Cattle was where most of my positive PnL came out of but it wasn’t by much since I was working with the minimum amount of contracts. What a dry start to the Monday. I’m wondering now if traders are going to take this week off before the July 4th holiday.

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