The New York Stock Exchange did nothing this morning.

Most of my profits were from British Pound. I had about 3/4 of maximum size alloted for the day so I had a pretty favorable PnL despite dropping a couple of trades here and there to break evens and 2 flat out losses.

I was supposed to start filling up the pool today but as luck would have it, the epoxy cracked sometime during the night. So I had to go and get some more paint from the pool contractors to stitch it up myself. The only reason they allowed me to do this is because they know I have experience dealing with pools. It was either that or they would make me wait until this Saturday to sort things out and I’m not going to kill the timeline of the pool’s readiness especially at this juncture and with the July 4th holiday looming.

So now I’ve fixed up the crack in the pool (nothing big, it was like a 3 or 4 ft crack). In 48 hours, the pool should be ready to fill with water.

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