Quietly Starting The Week

The New York Stock Exchange traded slowly this morning. I was not sized up more than half so I was able to snatch up a couple of ticks here and there but I gave up gains for the ability to maneuver in the open. The result was that I was far from being productive PnL-wise.

Same with the assets. Even though I wouldn’t be sized up, I did not see any assets that were worth trading for today so I got nothing. The whole day was simply a dud.

But let’s play the video with the crazy lady from San Francisco’s Home Depot because that shit is hilarious!

A Sterling Friday

The New York Stock Exchange was bullshit today. I made one trade on the British Pound and it just happened to be the only trade I needed to make. I was halfway sized so it was enough for the contracts to mean something.

I’m glad.

Now I can sleep the rest of the weekend off.

I hear Hollywood is coming out with a movie biopic about one of the greatest rap groups ever; Wu-Tang Clan. Awww yeahhhhh, I’m likin’ this move! Can’t wait to watch it and reminisce when I was growing up in the countryside trying to be a rapper. I did not look gangster at all. In fact, I probably ended up looking more like Parappa The Rappa

No Clever Title

The New York Stock Exchange traded well. I broke even on the cash open and I made nothing on the assets. What I wanted to talk about was Tuesday and Wednesday.

So, Monday afternoon after trading, I get a call from my in-laws in New Jersey that there’s supposed to be this big ass storm that’s gonna come in and they are without a generator as the old man’s wouldn’t start even with fuel. “Ok”, I said. The plan was since the wife had a couple of days off from her work, we’d pack up the extra generator here, some clothes and head down there – no big deal. On the way to NJ we are inundated with rain. Again, no big deal. But as we arrive on the Cross Bronx Expressway, it’s like God’s fury has arrived. Because I have the truck, I feel safer, but because of the wind I’m hoping that I don’t get blown off of the George Washington Bridge into the Hudson river.

Scary times. Very scary.

So now it’s Monday evening around 7pm when I arrive to the in-laws house and let me tell you, everything…I mean everything, in the near area looks like it’s been decimated. It was like an alien landing from War Of The Worlds happened; tree branches everywhere, emergency crews going to and from the roads, detours galore. And flooding, I forgot to mention flooding – in New Jersey. As predicted, the in-laws place is without power – and it’s getting dark. As the wife is getting settled, her dad and I set up the generator in the backyard with his fuel tanks and everything is resolved.

Everything, that is – until I find out that Internet is knocked out.

So, here’s the thing. I don’t believe in 4G portable hotspots because while they do have wi-fi “speed”, I’m not comfortable transferring packets of information (read: buy/sell orders for x amount of size) on that kind of frequency. It’s not meant for that. 4G is meant for stable and constant frequencies; voice/video chat, youtube, internet porn, etc. So now I’m kind of in a quandry. I’m waiting and waiting for internet to get running again but then night comes and goes without any conclusion.

Tuesday morning, I wake up around 4:15am to check on the internet signal. We have none and there is no power from the streetlights. That’s when I realized that I had to go to a different location if I was to work. So, 7:15 comes around and I pack my stuff into a backpack and decide to go up north where power/internet isn’t affected. I have to drive about half an hour or so up to find a cluster of Starbucks to trade at. As usual, the market is slow and I can’t do anything in the cash open but there was a trade in the assets (I think Wheat, for Tuesday) and I do fairly ok on small-ish size. I get back to the in-laws’ house and the wife is disgruntled because there is still no internet. We decide to make a day of it and go to the mall and just do stuff. When we get back in the afternoon, internet is still out. I don’t feel like driving around so I just chill and read books from her father’s office and take a nap. We go out for dinner later expecting internet to be back. Nope. Not back. Neither is power. I try to put the moves on the wife later that evening and she says no because it’s weird doing that in her parents’ house – i’m like “yo…WTF????”

Wednesday morning arrives and we are greeted to loud sounds of utility crews working on the block. The wife wants to meet up with some old high school friends so she comes with me to the Starbucks where I’m going to trade. She takes the truck and I just rent a car for the day at an Enterprise near the coffee shop. It is strange driving a stock Ford F150. I feel vulnerable on the highway, like someone is just gonna come and T-bone me and I’m going to die in the accident generated flames. I do much better in the cash open while on medium to large size but there are no assets to trade. I go to the local mall and do some window shopping, meet up with the wife and her friends for lunch and because I want internet access, post up at another Starbucks and play my PC games on my laptop. I figure there’s a cap to how much online gaming you can do there but there wasn’t. Who knew, right? I get a call from the wife that she’s at her parents’ house so I pack up my shit and head back. The good thing is, power is back on, the bad thing is, no internet. Because I have no means to interact with the digital world, life is like the year 1996 where I am in middle school and I have no clue about the world at large but I just think I’m cool. Anwyay, I spend the rest of the late afternoon into the evening watching TV with the wife, playing board games and talking to my cousin on my cellphone about her guy problems saying things like; “gurrrrl, u kno he cheatin’ on you!” or “gurrrrrl, kno your worth!” and listening to music on the stereo and shit.

Since she has to work on Friday and her parents no longer need the generator, we have to go back Thursday morning asap. I leave the generator with them since I have one at the house and the wife and I caravan it over to the Starbucks where I break even at the cash open like the $&*@ idiot I am and then go to the Enterprise Rent-A-Car to drop off the vulnerable death trap F-150. I am, once again, at the helm of my lifted truck. Feels good man. So, we’ve been back for a while now. The wife is upstairs probably watching something on Netflix and I’m here prepping for tomorrow. We found out that internet service resumed at her parents’ house around 5:30PM today – totally unacceptable if you ask me.

It was a heck of a two days; compromised internet, generator power and having to work out of a Starbucks. Fuck that shit. I ain’t tryin to live the middle school life with no high speed internet.

Liberate Tutame Ex Inferis

The New York Stock Exchange traded on some bullshit again today so you know what I did? Yeah baby….I purposely traded the least amount of lots on my risk allowance until I found a position I could size.the.fuck.up in and rode that to the moon. Actually, not the moon, more like 13 ticks.

After that, there was just nothing I could do in terms of trading properly. This whole week was a total wash.

I didn’t even find anything else to trade assetwise so that’s really what pressured me to get creative in the cash open in a way that I would not make a habit of doing. I just needed it for this Friday. I craved it. Actually, I really wanted to make a good number for the week to make myself feel like I didn’t waste it.

If you haven’t watched Event Horizon with Laurence Fishburne, you should. It shows what happens when people think they are smart enough to go into trading armed with huge capital. They disappear into a black hole for like a decade and when they come back they are degenerate demons.

Folsom Prison

The New York Stock Exchange isn’t doing anything. I feel like I’m in Folsom Prison singing a song on a guitar like ol Johny.

I was 3/4 sized up again today but the difference was I didn’t make as much money. Wheat was not the trading instrument that I thought it would be and I more or less escaped instead of making any real money.

I am on the mid to lower end of my monthly expectations and for the last 5 or so years it has been like this every summer. It is simply not acceptable.

Couldn’t even swim today because we had a little squall come and ruin a hot afternoon and now the pool is full of leaves and debris – not a good look. So I’m just trapped inside this cell.

Lonely Island

The New York Stock Exchange traded – that’s all I can say about it. It’s already Wednesday and there still hasn’t been enough action in the cash open where I could make some cookies from dough. That was a weird analogy. Chalk it up to me posting late at night. I apologize.

The good thing about today being 3/4 sized to my max position is that I caught really good trades on Feeder Cattle and as you know, if you’ve got the market direction in Feeder Cattle, you are pretty much as powerful as Thanos.

I haven’t watched any Marvel movies since Iron Man 3. Have you guys? I find the whole thing to be too overdone. I like grittier more realistic action like Bourne Identity or John Wick. It’s hard for me to believe in these otherworldly fantasies and dimensions. Especially Guardians Of The Galaxy. I took my wife to see that movie when we first started dating and it was so bad that I’m convinced it shook what was otherwise the good impression she had of me. I had to make it up by taking her to a good dinner place. Anyhow, yeah – I guess I’m just an old fart now that likes what he likes.


The New York Stock Exchange did nothing today – nada, jacksquat, diddly, etc.

I didn’t trade assets because I didn’t find one whose movements I liked and felt comfortable with.

Right now, I am on the patio set overlooking the pool. I often wondered what it would be like if I could trade wirelessly on my laptop while on a floaty with a slush drink by my side. I’ll tell you right now: I might actually end up losing a ton of money and in a depressed rage, let myself drown in the pool. So yeah, it may not be a good idea to trade like that. Besides, the only place you see shit like that is in late-night commercials or YouTube ads about stock trading.

I’m very thankful I didn’t lose money. Sometimes, that is all this business boils down to – not losing money.

The wife is at work, I think I’ll video chat with her while I’m in the pool making sure she knows how comfortable I am – she will be thrilled lol.

Just Staying Afloat

The New York Stock Exchange has been going through opposites as of late. Whenever you have a good day of action like last Friday, it’s followed up by a slow open on Monday.

There was just nothing I could do for the cash open. I was hoping that since I was maxed out position wise, I could get a couple of ticks here and there without having to wait for a move. Alas, my trades only had enough to cover 1 or 2 ticks so there was no money to be made.

Before that, I had traded the British Pound and that’s pretty much where I made most of my money despite having to climb out of an early hole. Because I was also sized up here, I had to be careful while getting out of the red so positive trades had to be liquidated quickly therefore not giving the chance for bigger moves.

I can’t complain really. After trading, I went out to the pool and had a swim. It was even better on Friday after making some money and having the wife enjoy her day off. It was just her and I grilling in the backyard being in and out of the pool.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a little bit busier in the markets. I’d like to have as much discretionary income as I can muster by the time I go on my August vacation.