The New York Stock Exchange traded – that’s all I can say about it. It’s already Wednesday and there still hasn’t been enough action in the cash open where I could make some cookies from dough. That was a weird analogy. Chalk it up to me posting late at night. I apologize.

The good thing about today being 3/4 sized to my max position is that I caught really good trades on Feeder Cattle and as you know, if you’ve got the market direction in Feeder Cattle, you are pretty much as powerful as Thanos.

I haven’t watched any Marvel movies since Iron Man 3. Have you guys? I find the whole thing to be too overdone. I like grittier more realistic action like Bourne Identity or John Wick. It’s hard for me to believe in these otherworldly fantasies and dimensions. Especially Guardians Of The Galaxy. I took my wife to see that movie when we first started dating and it was so bad that I’m convinced it shook what was otherwise the good impression she had of me. I had to make it up by taking her to a good dinner place. Anyhow, yeah – I guess I’m just an old fart now that likes what he likes.

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