The New York Stock Exchange traded on some bullshit again today so you know what I did? Yeah baby….I purposely traded the least amount of lots on my risk allowance until I found a position I could size.the.fuck.up in and rode that to the moon. Actually, not the moon, more like 13 ticks.

After that, there was just nothing I could do in terms of trading properly. This whole week was a total wash.

I didn’t even find anything else to trade assetwise so that’s really what pressured me to get creative in the cash open in a way that I would not make a habit of doing. I just needed it for this Friday. I craved it. Actually, I really wanted to make a good number for the week to make myself feel like I didn’t waste it.

If you haven’t watched Event Horizon with Laurence Fishburne, you should. It shows what happens when people think they are smart enough to go into trading armed with huge capital. They disappear into a black hole for like a decade and when they come back they are degenerate demons.

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