The New York Stock Exchange traded hard today and boy was it a doozy. However it was exactly what I needed and hopefully it will set the tone volatility-wise for the rest of the week.

I did not trade any assets today because nothing registered in my risk parameters that I could justify. I did, however, trade the cash open on maximum exposure and save 2 or 3 trades where I had to get out quick, I made very good money with little work.

I wanted to swim today but today’s afternoon time had to be given towards cleaning the pool and pool filter – a deceptively strenuous ordeal. My first summer job as a young lad was a pool cleaner assistant and while you would think I would have lurid tales of scantily dressed housewives posing seductively for me as I cleaned the pool, the reality was a far more disappointing landscape filled with overweight female sea-donkeys and older single men with questionable sexual orientations and fetishes.

Speaking of older single men with questionable sexual orientations and fetishes, I was half surprised/half not when they “found” Jeffrey Epstein “dead” in his cell of a “suicide”. Man, you make all that money trading and what do you do? Pimp teeny bopper girls out to other men? Jesus, what an ass. While I think he is dead, there’s a part of me that thinks maybe this dude and his *ahem* friends were able to give him one of those pills that slow your pulse and with the help of complicit ME’s, get a death certificate issued and then *whooooosh!* while people think Jeffrey Epstein is being cremated, he is on a plane to Brazil where a plastic surgeon turns him into a tanned, smaller jawed man named Ilario Ibaez hahaha. It’s just a theory but it’s sad that it can be possible. Anyway, going back to when I heard the news of his death, you know what the first thing that came to mind was? That scene in Godfather II where Tom Hagen is tellin Frankie 5 Angels the way to make it all up to Mike. LOL

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