The New York Stock Exchange performed very well today. While I would have loved a PnL like the ones I’ve been having for the last couple of days, I knew that the merry-go-round would end soon enough. But it wasn’t all bad. We are still feeling the residual effects from the volatility surrounding the President’s tariff threats. If history has taught us anything, we are still far from a conclusion and the Chinese want a conclusion that is profitable for them.

My trades in Feeder Cattle were nothing to write home about as I sensed a shift in the general marketplace. I wanted to go in with half of my maximum contract exposure but I thought better of it and let my risk management instincts take over. It’s good that I did because there really wasn’t much for me to work with in that market. It was two bad attempts for every one good trade. In the end, I made nothing.

Same with the cash open. While I felt like we’d be in for a triple digit day, I figured it would be a slow rise to the top with most of the action happening after the open. I was only half right on that but because I wasn’t sized up as much, I didn’t make as much money as I wanted to. It’s fine – I didn’t feel like I really had any sure footing in today’s trading anyway.

If you’ve seen my blogs in the past, you know that I still like to play video games. I am working on expanding my video game repertoire to include more titles instead of just the Madden, Call Of Duty, and Halo type games. I bought Metal Gear V: Phantom Pain some time ago and I simply could not understand anything of the games mechanics. Mind you, I wasn’t playing all that often but I just couldn’t get it. In all fairness, the game is vast and it’s more of a sweeping work of art if anything. While I did buy the game used, I knew that it would be an investment of time where I would have to learn incrementally. Unsatisfied with my progress up to now, I decided to go and buy a game guide which I will commence studying and really dig into when I take my Labor Day vacation. Here is the guide in all its glory:

I can’t wait to play the game again.

My wife wants to eat dinner at a steakhouse tonight so I guess the impending food coma will probably keep me from opening the guide tonight.

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