The New York Stock Exchange was…in a word…magnificent this morning. Smooth, silky, lustrous (I don’t even know if that’s the right spelling); it was everything that a person of the financial markets could have ever hoped it would be. Not only was the cash open like that, but so were my asset trades which were the right assets to pick considering today’s market.

I only traded the British Pound 4 times today and the entire PnL for it was amazing. Maximum size and ticks abounded. I thought to myself that this is probably as far as my luck would go and looked forward to the cash open with great trepidation.

But when the bell rang in New York, I knew that my max exposure would not only take me to the promised land, but allow me to take tomorrow off. I felt like I was in heaven and I am sure that the afternoon had even more action in store for the patient traders that were in it.

Like I said, I am going to take the day off tomorrow to just ease back from allowing myself to get too comfortable. I need to reaffirm psychologically just how difficult this game is and while a losing day makes you do that, stepping out of the ring after a big day like this is – IMO – more effective. With my wife working the whole day tomorrow, everything under the clear blue sky is mine for the taking; the pool, TV, internet, video games, the grill, etc.

Damn, trading can be such a wh*re, but when you’re making money it’s like being a billionaire and living out your days in Santa Barbara California.

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