The New York Stock Exchange traded very well this morning. So good, in fact, that I wonder how I managed to wreck my PnL in both cash open and asset trading.

I was fairly certain that after 3 break evens on the cash open, I would catch a decent move on the good size that I determined for today’s risk. Instead, I lost the next trade, the next trade after that and then two more times after a couple of lukewarm moves from the market. I just did not have the ability to forecast where the buying and selling was and it really showed up on the number of round trips I made.

It was the same for my asset trades. I thought I had an idea of where Orange Juice was moving but in the end, things just fizzled out and most of my tickets were spent just trying to position myself and gradually taking myself out of losing positions.

In the end, my PnL looked like utter trash. There wasn’t even an option for me to try and save it with more trading. I needed to stop before I did more damage to my capital.


I have been thinking about this for a long time but I believe that this laptop that I have will be the last Windows-based machine I will own. Of course, my work programs are here but to ask anything else of this machine – even as medium specced as it is is like asking people in San Francisco to stop shitting on public sidewalks – it’s not gonna happen and the end result will actually be what public sidewalks in San Francisco look like. I love Windows, don’t get me wrong. I think Windows 10 is fantastic. However, after having spent time with my wife’s MacBook Pro, it’s just not a contest when it comes to usability and liveability. Apple’s products are just better made and easier to live with – even easier than my cousin’s radically spaced out desktop system that he built himself. I need products that work seamlessly with their inner components. I love companies that are vertically integrated and Apple falls into that category where they do most of their components instead of relying on other companies for a lot of parts. This is the conclusion I am coming up with as well in my search for a new truck. Like I said, I love my RAM but I recognize that they have to build around the Cummins engine unlike Ford whose powerhouse is build within the company.

Damn first world problems.

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