The New York Stock Exchange traded sort of fast today. It was nothing to complain or write home about. The only reason I was sort of productive today was because I traded on volume and ran with less than half capacity for my contracts.

Like I said, trading the open was quick and despite 2 or 3 trades that didn’t work out, I made money overall but decided to wrap it up as I saw the momentum of the open about to slow. Trading Feeder Cattle was the determining factor in my day though as I didn’t have to do much but ride the waves of supply and demand. 5 trades netting a good amount of ticks and I was done for the day.

My wife and I are packed for our trip. We’ll be leaving bright and early tomorrow so we can pace ourselves throughout the day and not have to drive quickly to get to our vacation spot. I can’t wait to plug in the xbox one at the rental place and game to my heart’s delight hahaha. (It’ll be the last thing I pack tonight because after I shut off my computer, I’ve been doing nothing but gaming and snacking). Of course, there will be a lot of eating during the trip too which is gonna be dopetastic! I’m so glad to be done with this quarter of trading. Hopefully, there will be movement going into the last 3 available months of trading.

You never know when the opportunity comes to pad your stats and when it’s there, you gotta take it.

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