The New York Stock Exchange didn’t do all that much today but there was a little bit of action in the morning albeit for a whole 5 minutes or so.

I didn’t really get all that much trading in as I was at near full capacity and whatever opportunities I did catch I needed to get out of quickly. I traded Wheat again but this time around there were opportunities to be had so that is where 90% of today’s PnL came out of.

The season is starting to turn little by little. I got in the pool this afternoon to discover that it was a tad chillier than normal. This is the sum of days where morning temperatures hadn’t crossed the 70 mark significantly which makes for colder waters no matter what time the sun begins to shine. As sad as it is to know I’ll be closing the pool soon, it makes me glad that I had time to enjoy it even when it was opened at the midpoint of summer.

My wife made dinner tonight. It’s a good life.

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